Oct 31, 2018Top Five Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home

Building your dream home is an exciting undertaking but for those who have never done it before, it can also be a bit daunting. There are so many decisions that go into building a custom home. From choosing the right architect, builder, and designer to considering all the details that make the home your own, here are few things that may help you on your journey:


  1. Get A Good Builder Onboard - It is essential to get a builder onboard from the start and prior to the design stage so that they can provide valuable input on construction. They will also help guide you through the entire process.


  1. Make a Plan - Together with your builder, make a solid plan of action. This will help save time and money right from the start and during the construction/completion phases. Make sure you are fully aware of all of the different requirements including permits, etc.


  1. Project Goals - Our clients choose to build their custom homes for many different reasons. Before you get started, it’s best to understand what your goals are. Are you looking to live in the home long-term? Will the home suit your lifestyle now and in the future, and accommodate the changing needs of your family? Once you have determined your goals, make sure to communicate this with your project team. This will help to ensure that you get the home you have always envisioned.


  1. Think Green - It has become commonplace to incorporate sustainable elements into your home so why not do everything you can to be energy efficient right from the start. Work with your designer on incorporating sustainable elements at the design stage. Without proper knowledge, a design can get approved and engineered without sustainable elements. Trying to do this once the home is under construction will be challenging and may impact what can and cannot be done. A home built without sustainability in mind, can result in overheating in the summer, cold spots in the winter, excessive heating bills, and condensation problems in the structure, etc.


  1. The “Wow” Factor - Consider incorporating “wow” features that will enhance your home and help with resale.  Some of these things include: smart home features, a stunning focal staircase, home theatre room, gym, live in/live out space (Nanawall), and covered patio area.

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