Let There Be Light

4700 SF

During the design phase we sought to capture as much sunlight into the interior space as possible - by embracing the site’s dramatic slope and creating large, southern overhangs to block the high-in-the-sky summer sun and corral winter sunlight, natural light is spread throughout all three levels. When fused with the HRV system which brings in fresh air while capturing heat from stale exhaust air, the end result is feeling like you’re sitting on a park bench while relaxing in your living room. The garden level features a stunning media room, a gym and lounge area with walk out patio leading to the second floor, south facing 1,500+ SF entertaining deck complete with a hot tub and outdoor kitchen. The composite decks and benches are made of 95% recycled wood and plastics, trimmed with an energy efficient LED lighting package that ties into the LED lights installed in all interior spaces. Out of respect for the site, we focused on hardscape permeability and built the driveway out of a resin bonded gravel surface allowing water to drain freely and naturally through the topping.

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